Chinese envoy urges backing Sudanese gov’t in maintaining security in Darfur

Source: Xinhua| 2019-08-27 01:59:08|Editor: yan

UNITED NATIONS, Aug. 26 (Xinhua) — A Chinese envoy on Monday called on the international community to support the Sudanese Government in assuming the primary responsibility for maintaining security in Darfur of Sudan.

“The international community should support the Sudanese Government in assuming the primary responsibility for maintaining security in Darfur, assist the Sudanese Government in enhancing its own security and governance capabilities, and ensure that the functions of maintaining security in Darfur are handed over to the Sudanese security forces in a steady and smooth manner,” Wu Haitao, China’s deputy permanent representative to the United Nations, told a Security Council meeting on the AU/UN Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UNAMID).

“China supports the withdrawal of UNAMID as scheduled by June 30, 2020, in accordance with the Security Council Resolution 2429,” Wu added.

The Chinese envoy called for restarting the Darfur peace process “as soon as possible.”

“The founding of the transitional government of Sudan provides a golden opportunity to restart the peace process in Darfur,” he added.

“China hopes that all parties concerned in Darfur will seize the current window of opportunity, renounce military solutions, restart the peace process at an early date, resolve conflicts and differences through political means such as dialogue and consultation, so as to achieve lasting peace and stability in Darfur,” said the Chinese ambassador.

Speaking of the reconstruction process in Darfur, Wu said that the process should be “accelerated.”

“At present, Darfur is in a transitional phrase from peacekeeping to peace-building that includes early reconstruction and development,” he said. “The international community should actively provide humanitarian assistance and economy support to help the Sudanese Government settle displaced persons, build and improve local infrastructure, and achieve independent economic development in Darfur.”

Wu stressed that China has always supported the Darfur peace process. “As one of the major troops contributing countries to UNAMID, China has made positive contributions to maintaining peace and stability in Darfur over the years.”

“China stands ready to work with the international community and to continue to play a constructive role in achieving peace, stability and development in Darfur,” the envoy added.

“At present, the situation in Darfur is generally stable, and the humanitarian situation continues to improve,” said Wu. “This is attributed not only to the vigorous and effective performance of UNAMID and the full cooperation of international partners and regional organizations, such as the African Union, but also to the active efforts of the Sudanese Government in maintaining peace and stability in Darfur.”

Recently, the transitional government of Sudan has been established, which will help further improve the situation in Darfur, Wu said.

The ambassador called on the global community to continue to provide assistance to Darfur, consolidate existing achievements and advance the reconstruction process.

UN Undersecretary-General for Peace Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix briefed the Council via video link.

The briefing was held in accordance with Council Resolution 2479 of June 27, which decided on a technical rollover of the mandate of UNAMID until Oct. 31 and requested the secretary-general to provide the Council with an oral update about the situation on the ground 60 days after the adoption of the resolution.

African Union Commissioner for Peace and Security Smail Chergui also briefed the Council via video link.

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