Top music institute holds training program for teachers from N China

A training program for local music teachers from the city of Lyuliang in north China’s Shanxi Province took place this week in Beijing.

The training program, hosted by the Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM), the country’s top music institute, aims to enrich the participants’ knowledge of music and enhance their capabilities as teachers.

More than 200 teachers from 149 primary and secondary schools in Lyuliang attended the weeklong training program, where they were instructed by experts in fields such as music history, theory and teaching techniques.

The CCOM has sent more than 160 experts and students to give lectures, concerts and training courses to residents in Lyuliang since an agreement on targeted poverty alleviation was signed between the institute and the local government last year.

The CCOM has been carrying out practical measures in cultivating local musicians in Lyuliang, promoting local fine arts and boosting the cultural tourism industry based on the agreement, said Yu Feng, president of the CCOM.Source(s): Xinhua News Agency

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